Proje hikayelerinizi gönderin, Avrupa Komisyonu’ndan eğitim kazanın! #EUinMyRegion

Proje hikayelerinizi gönderin, Avrupa Komisyonu’ndan eğitim kazanın! #EUinMyRegion

Avrupa Komisyonu Bölgesel ve Kentsel Politika Genel Müdürlüğü sizi proje hikayenizi anlatmaya davet ediyor. Yarışma “Citizens” ve “Experts” başlıkları altında iki kategoride düzenlenecek. “Citizens” kategorisi altında başvuru yaparak kazananlar bir Avrupa Birliği Kurumunun iletişim biriminde, bir iletişim ajansında ve Brüksel’de bir yayın organında 2 haftalık bir eğitim programına katılabilecek. Eğitim programı 29 Eylül – 13 Ekim tarihleri arasında düzenlenecek. Uzman kategorisinde kazananlar ise 5-7 Ekim tarihlerinde Brüksel’de ileri düzey iletişim eğitimi alabilecek.

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1. Theme of the contest

The European Commission’s Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy hereby invites you to participate in the Europe in My Region “Stories” Contest, to showcase EU-funded projects around you.
Stories must be about an EU-funded project or programme.
Stories can take any form: photo, video, blog post, audio, posts on social media platform, canvas, Twitter threads, etc.
Stories must be permanent and public.

2. How to enter

Participants may enter the Europe in My Region Contest by sending an email with a link to the published story to

Participants should choose between two categories: “citizens” and “experts” – The category should appear in the object of the email after: “EUinMyRegion Storytelling”

Experts are persons working for Managing Authorities, Intermediate Bodies, Joint Technical Secretariats, beneficiaries of EU funding, or EU-funded project communication officer

3. Eligibility

Entrants must be 18 or over

Employees and immediate relatives of employees of the Promoter or of its respective parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies or any other person connected with this contest are excluded from participation.

All entries will be carefully moderated.

4. Entries

Participants may submit as many stories as they wish.
All stories that meet the rules and are submitted by the deadline will be accepted. Editorial independence is guaranteed.
The European Commission will translate your stories into English (if necessary), send you the translation and promote your stories via social channels (FacebookTwitter) using the #EUinmyRegion hashtag.

5. Copyright

All entries must be original work and the participant must either be the sole owner or the transferee of the copyright.

By entering the contest, participants retain full copyright of their images and text. Participants also grant the European Commission the right to publish and exhibit submitted stories.
No fee will be payable by the European Commission for this use.

Participants must obtain written consent from any individuals aged 18 or above who are identifiable in a story. Participants taking a photograph of anyone under 18 must ensure that they obtain the written consent of that child’s parent/guardian.
It is the participants’ responsibility to ensure that the necessary consent has been obtained. Participants must retain all release forms obtained as they may be asked to prove that consent has been given. Download the release form here.

Participants should retain the original digital file/negative of their entry as they may be asked to prove ownership of the work, as well as providing the Promoter with the photo in the highest possible resolution.

6. Moderation

All stories are checked to make sure that they meet the contest rules before being accepted. Only the stories, which are compliant with the rules of the contest will be added to the contest web pages. Once a story has been reviewed, participants will receive an email with notification of whether it has been accepted or rejected.

7. Entry period

Stories may be submitted to the contest at any time during the period 1 April to 18 August 2019, 23:59 Central European Summer Time.

8. Selection of winners

A jury comprised of three communication professionals will select winners.

The Jury will be looking for:

  • Insight: does the story tell us something we didn’t know beyond the basic facts of the project being funded?
  • Stories about people: does the story describe the project, or do you tell the story of the people involved in it?

These points may look subjective, but insight and great stories are both things you recognise when you see them.

The best stories don’t just tell us something we didn’t know. They tell us an interesting story using a personal, authentic voice. They’re opinionated and interesting as well as simply informative. They can be funny, or passionate, or curious, or intriguing or sarcastic.

9. Prizes

The three winners of the “citizens” category will join a 2-week tailor-made full-immersion programme into EU-communication experiencing the work of a communication department in an EU- institution, in a communication agency and in a media outlet covering the Brussels sphere. The programme will take place from 29 September to 13 October in Brussels.

The three winners of the “experts” category will join a dedicated high-level training course on communication in Brussels from 5 to 7 October in Brussels.

10. Acceptance of Contest Rules

By entering this photo Contest, the participants agree to be bound by the Contest Rules, including assurances on the copyright of entries.

Please click here for the official announcement.

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