Terms of Reference: Cash and Vouchers Assistance Technical Advisor

1. Purpose

Sosyal Araştırma ve Rehabilite Derneği (hereinafter referred to as “SARD”) is interested in contracting a Cash and Vouchers Assistance Technical Advisor.

2. Services

This assignment aims at providing technical guidance and input to SARD’s Market Based Programming (MBP) with the objective of harmonizing procedures and guidelines for MBP and Cash and Vouchers Assistance (CVA) approaches.

As such, the Cash and Vouchers Assistance Technical Advisor (CVA-TA) will provide guidance and technical support on voucher and cash programming activities to SARD Programs in NW Syria. The CVA TA will be responsible for developing guidelines, building capacity, and promoting strategic leadership on MBP, market analysis and assessment, and response analysis; and supporting the development and implementation of quality voucher/cash transfer programs.

This assignment is aiming at reviewing and supporting SARD throughout the entire cash and voucher program, that includes food, NFI, shelter and livelihood sector.

3. Roles and Responsibilities

In coordination with SARD, the TA shall plan a visit to SARD office in Antakya to meet with key personnel and collect necessary information and documents on the nature of SARD activities to be able to provide consultation on the following topics;

 Identify/extract SARD good practices and learning related to CVA interventions for further program quality improvement – assess the SARD understanding in MBP and CVA within the current implemented projects

 Lead the implementation of market analysis and assessments to determine the appropriate form of assistance, including cash, voucher, and market support interventions.

 Support the development and contribute to the implementation of SARD strategy, standards, tools and best practices in CVA

 Elaborate or adapt documents related to the SARD CVA interventions (Operational Manual, Technical Referential, internal procedures, etc.).

 Provide technical assistance in implementation of cash components of food security, shelter, NFI, or other programs.

 Support the development of materials and guidance for CVA transfer programs inside Syria.

 Ensure implementation of CVA programs is in adherence with international accountability standards such as the SEEP Minimum Economic Recovery Standards (MERS) and the CaLP Minimum Requirements for Market Analysis in Emergencies.

4. Term of the contract

The TA shall start ASAP and provide a timeframe/schedule for the allocated tasks, the term of the contract will be based on provided timeframe and the completion of the tasks. The contract will not be automatically renewed. Upon expiration, it may be renegotiated and renewed in writing upon mutual agreement.

The assignment is expected to be completed by end of March.

5. Termination

SARD may, at any time, terminate this contract without cause upon advance written notice of five (5) business days. Upon termination, the TA shall cease to provide all services and return all files containing documents related to services, unless otherwise agreed.

Either Party may terminate this contract, with just cause (gross negligence or malfeasance, any incidence of fraud, failing to comply with obligations and to cure such failure within 5 business days) immediately upon written notice to the other Party. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, in the event that the TA terminates this contract, it undertakes to complete any ongoing projects or specific services at the date of termination.


 Minimum 5 years’ experience in and good understanding of CVA aimed to achieve sectoral outcomes including Shelter

 Knowledge of technical principles and concepts in CVA programming including knowledge of SEEP Minimum Economic Recovery Standards and the CaLP Minimum Requirements for Market Analysis in Emergencies

 Experience in market assessment, response analysis frameworks, program monitoring and evaluation and analysis.

 General knowledge of other related humanitarian response and recovery sectors to ensure proper cross-sectoral approach.

 Experience in inter-agency settings

 Experience in Cluster, CVA coordination and Advisory role

 Minimum 5 years’ experience in CVA and Shelter

 Sound understanding of the Syria context, including remote management settings


7. Application

Persons willing to apply to the Cash and Vouchers Assistance Technical Advisor position shall submit CV and Letter containing a timeframe and a daily rate to recruitment@sardngo.org before 20/11/2019 at 17:00 pm Turkey time.

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