Data and Information Management Consultancy

Data and Information Management Consultancy

Data and Information Management Consultancy


As STL we are trying to make the best use of our humanitarian data to make more information. We are looking for a Data and Information Management Consultant to support our Information Management Team under MEAL Unit, to improve our database structure and to work with STL Information Management Officer to create PowerBI dashboards to better report and track the progress of STL projects. Working closely with MEAL Manager, MEAL Expert and IM Officer, this position will be located in the STL HQ in Istanbul and will report to the MEAL Manager.

The Data and Information Management Consultant will improve the beneficiary database design and its reporting system.

Position: Data and Information Management Consultant
Program: PDQ
Manager: MEAL Manager
Duration of Contract: The consultancy will start on 15 July 2020 and end on 30 September 2021.
Based: Istanbul
Job Description: Optimisation and modification of STL’s beneficiary database on CommCare to conform to the complexity of STL’s refugee protection and livelihood monitoring and evaluation, and serve to STL’s reporting needs on PowerBI.

The Data and IM Consultant will:

  • Advise the IM Officer on how to structure and improve the beneficiary and the activities database to make best use of it
  • Setting Power BI gateway to get the live data from STL database
  • Improve the Power BI reporting system and dashboards for STL Program Development and Quality Department
  • Train and support the IM Officer on how to set up the reporting system to add the required reports when needed

The Consultant will provide:

  • Monthly presentations to MEAL Manager on 25th of each month.
  • A final consultancy report and presentation to MEAL Manager on 15th September 2021.
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The Data and Information Management Consultant is expected to have proficient knowledge and proven experience of CommCare database development, together with excellent analysis, data visualization and reporting skills to create a Power BI reporting front end.

CommCare Database design and data management skills, including

  • Application Design:
    • User management (both mobile and web)
    • Group management
    • Case sharing management (Organization structure and hierarchy)
    • Web applications management
    • Roles and permissions management
    • Application creation
    • Form design
    • Case types and case properties management
    • How to use User Properties effectively
    • How to use hidden values effectively
    • Knowledge of how to implement logic using the form builder tools
    • Proficient experience in XPath syntax
    • Look up tables management (create, add, and filter)
  • Data Management:
    • Know how to Export Data (both from Form and Case)
    • Created daily saved report (and manage them)
    • Create Excel dashboard integration (and manage them)
    • Create the Connection between CommCare and the reporting system
    • Proficient knowledge on reassigning cases, managing history, cleaning data, archiving and unarchiving the forms
    • Bulk import, export
    • Manage the forms
    • Use the available API to modify previously entered forms
  • Reporting from CommCare:
    • Creating reports with the CommCare report builder
    • Save reports and schedule periodic reports
    • Monitor worker activities (via different factors)
    • Manage the deployments of application, and both updating and synchronization process


Power BI experience of designing and creating reporting dashboards, including but not limited to:

  • Connecting different types of data sources,
  • Creating stable connection between CommCare and Power Bi (i.e. through SQL Server)
  • Excellent knowledge of managing relationships between report tables
  • Excellent knowledge of using of the available functions available in Power Bi, i.e. transformations, creating measures, calculated columns, appending and merging tables.
  • Proficient query skills, can use the advance query editor effectively
  • Highly skilled at using and training on Power Query & DAX languages to query data sources.
  • Clean, load & analyse the data sources.
  • Building reports with rich data visualizations
  • Creating meaningful dashboards including regular information from reports to be viewed when requested.
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Excellent business analysis and stakeholder management skills

At least 3 years of substantive information management experience preferably in humanitarian response and refugee protection settings

Knowledge on donor reporting systems in humanitarian sector

Fluency in written and spoken English

It is highly recommended that the Applicant submits the details of relevant experiences in the tender file.

  • The duration of evaluation can be more than one month. The validity of the offer must be two months minimum.
  • The quotations will be given in “TL + KDV(VAT)” or with “inc. VAT” note terms per day.
  • It is obligatory for the applicant company or candidates to issue an invoice or self-employment receipt on their behalf. Please note the invoice or self-employment receipt in your proposal.

Bid letter must be sent with CV. Proposals with CV should be sent to [email protected]  indicating the Reference number of this advertisement, by 14th July 2020. Submissions submitted after this specified period will not be evaluated.”

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